The Moelter Family


We have created this website to provide information to the public that chronicles the last twelve years of our lives (2000-2012). These twelve years have been both challenging and rewarding at times. We continue to invest ourselves in doing the best possible for our family given the new allegations by our youngest son, Damon Moelter, who was living the thriving life of a typical American teenager until he disappeared over a year ago. We love Damon very much and are heartbroken about the terrible situation he is in. We hope that with love, consistency and faith Damon will be able to return to a normal, stable and happy life.

This website provides information that clearly defines facts and opinions (e.g., declarations) over the turbulent years that have lead up to this recent allegation that has caught media attention. Some documents supporting these facts are provided here, while the remainder are publicly-accessible through the San Diego Family Court. Our only goal here is to provide you information regarding the history in a logical way so that what is an opinion versus what is a fact is clear. We have also provided a Q&A page that focuses primarily on answering questions that the media has presented.

It is our hope that the media and the public treat this information with the the care and seriousness that it deserves and take the time to understand Damon’s tragic situation and how he got where he is today.

Damon with brothers 2010